Welcome to the NeoVVL Owners Club

Welcome to the NeoVVL Owners Club - The best resource for the SR16VE and SR20VE Engine!

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The NeoVVL Owners Club was established to provide help and support as well as information about Nissans SR16VE and SR20VE engine. If you need help with an existing VE engine, would like to convert your existing Nissan to a VE engine and have questions about doing the job, or have a good knowledge of the engine and would like to become part of a community for NeoVVL enthusiasts then you are in the right place. Please feel free to register for a free account by clicking the "Create an Account" link on the right hand side under the "User Login" section. We have good useful information such as technical information about VE components (IE Camshafts ect), as well as how to reference files such as how to make a DE/VE hybrid. We are a free advertisement free community with no membership fee's what so ever. Also don't foget to join one of our social networking sites to up to date site information.

The NeoVVL engines are of the similar design of Nissan's most popular SR based engine. The difference being that using Variable Valve Lift and Timing technology the peak power output of these engines peak at around 187BHP on a stock 2 Litre engine whilst still offering reliability and fair fuel consumption. They are occasionally compared to Honda's V-Tec system but Nissan had a new ace up there sleeve. The SRxxVE engine has the addition of Variable Valve Lift and Timing rather than V-Tec's Variable Valve Timing system as well as the Exhaust and Intake Valves switching independantly where as the V-Tec switched both camshafts together. The main big VE engine Nissan made was the N1 based engine which was a released in a limited number fashion, we believe there are only around 500 of these units made.

There were a few variations of the VE engine, and were found in several vehicles but they were on only limited release on certain parts of the world. For more information please click the "What is NeoVVL" link where we provide information of where the engines were found and what vehicles they were in. If there is information you require which is not on the site please ask in the forums



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