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Useful Sites

This is a collection of useful sites such as other car clubs and websites on where is best to find parts for your ve.

Nissan Primera Owners Club - The Nissan Primera Owners Club is a UK based community with all things Primera. Whether you are thinking about getting a Primera or want to know more about the Primera, then this is the site for you. They have vasts amount of data as well as a nice friendly community which is well respected.
GSpec Performance - One of the best companies in the world to get parts for the SR20 engine. G-Spec ships parts to all over the world and provides reasonable prices on the parts and exceptional customer service. G-Spec is highly recommended by a lot of users.
UltraRev - UltraRev is a recommended site to get clutch and flywheel packages such as Exedy and Fidanza. They also ship outside the US.
ProTuner - ProTuner deals with all type of Engine Management Solutions including installations and remapping of Nistune. ProTuner owns their own Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road and is one of the best tuners to bring the best out on any SR engine. ProTuner is based within the UK.
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