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sr20ve problem

Discussion forum of the Nissan Ecology Orientated Variable Valve Lift and Timing engine. Discussion on all variants of VE engines including the VET and 20V models. Please also use this forum for all SRxxDE(T) specific questions.
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Joined: Thu Oct 20, 2016 2:52 pm
Name: Simon
Car: Nissan Primera P11
Engine Code: SR20VE

sr20ve problem


Post by SaimonVVL » Fri Feb 05, 2021 2:53 pm

Hi friends, my name is Simon I from Chile. I have a Nissan Primera p11 with swap sr20ve + n1 cam + 20v header exhaust and nismotronic nemuv2 ecu.
I took my car to the dyno and it got 188,8 whp/130lb tq, but the hp curve/torque falls abruptly when cam n1 active (5.000 rpm).
I don't know what the reason is, it may be a bad installation of the cams or exhaust downpipe 3". Someone in the group could guide me :( :( https://ibb.co/fd0Z6Zt https://ibb.co/8538Zb6 https://ibb.co/hZxSP8Q

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