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Got VE, what to check before install?

Discussion forum of the Nissan Ecology Orientated Variable Valve Lift and Timing engine. Discussion on all variants of VE engines including the VET and 20V models. This area is designated for the questions on doing engine conversions to a VE including wiring or general support on these engines.
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Got VE, what to check before install?


Post by Mobsters » Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:08 pm

Heya all,

First post here so be kind :pai:

Story this far, got my VE and now its waiting summer to get installed. Is there anything special that needs to be checked before i drop the motor in?

I have looked below cam cover and cams look clean enough for me, i have checked TB that both screws are there, motor turns around when turning with hand. Spark plugs looked half white and half black(no idea what this mean) . Chain looks good and tensioner is only little out.

Couple minus that i notice, Dizzy has broken connector and same story with tps. I have N15 gti sr20de rr motor and it is my understanding that i can use that tps with ve tb? i can also use de dizzy with little mod?

The plan,

-Stock sr20ve motor (some new stuff from g-spec, mainly gaskets. I might buy used ve dizzy too, not sure yet) I would love to get the sr16ve n1 cams but kinda tight on money...for some reason :evil:
-Nistune with almera n15 ecu
-Walbro 255l
-AEM UEGO wideband
-Oil pressure meter
-almera gearbox etc
-New exhaust under the car, around 2.5". have toyosport header allready on de
-Some control device for solenoids, no idea what yet (maybe one from g spec)

Any advice and critics are welcome. i havent messed with motors before. Only done full technique swaps like almera n15 gti motor(without opening it) and electricity to b12 sunny coupe :super:

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SR20VE with B12 coupe

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