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VZR clutch changed, now rattles! help

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VZR clutch changed, now rattles! help


Post by J29237 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:50 pm

Hi all

My VZ-R Pulsar gave up on the clutch a few months ago and i have taken it upon myself to install a new one. I was given and replacement clutch which is Exedy standard just to change it once I can get more funds.

Anyway I have done clutch changes before on the smaller CG13DE Nissan Micra's which are kinda similar. Put the VZ-R back together and now the car is off the ground on jacks, I start the car and the wheels are rotating slowly as the VZR (LSD right?) but every time it rotates in any gear there is a ticking sound coming from the gearbox and passenger driveshaft side (used a screwdriver to pinpoint the rattle.. seems like gearbox) (dependent on revs) it only stops when i push the clutch down but when i release it, it starts again.

It does this in every gear, but 5th the sound of ticking is quieter but noticeable. Any help would be appreciative. I also tried going through the gears and it seems like when i accelerate in any gear the speed drops and tries to play catch-up to the speedo if that makes sense, is this clutch slippage?

I am not new to this mechanical stuff as i have tried to do things myself after extensive research. Please help!

Thanks in advance
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