Welcome to the October 2009 Edition of the NeoVVL News.

I appologize for the delay in this months newsletter, I recently had the flu which has knocked me a bit. Anyways on with the newsletter.

Modifications and Stuff

"97VZR" has made a start on his new project for his Lucino. He relised his BMC filter was clogged with muck so he had a nice clean out with it. He took his Lucino down the drag and got a nice time of 16.09. He also spent time polishing his N1 head. Can't wait to see this project done...
oct09 1

For the full story, Click Here

One of our newer users "CraiGTi" brought one of my favourites to the forum and is looking to go VVL with this. She is a beautiful Almera GTi See the pictures for your self...
oct09 2

Details can be seen by Clicking Here

"gtirwezz" also showed off his engine to the works in his VVL Powered Almera GTi.

oct09 3

His Thread can be viewed if you Click Here.

"DonovanPorter" brought something different to the club also, he currently has a GA16 Powered Nissan Sabre, but is looking to upgrade to the SR/VE side of things. Here is a snap shot.
oct09 4

His Thread can be viewed if you Click Here.

Meetings and Events

"97VZR" was the one for the meet last month, although no pictures i'm afraid. We need to sort this boy out lol. He knows we love him.

Forum News & Stuff

We have been pretty busy within the forum lately. There has been a few changes to the forum..mostly to the VIP section. You can be a VIP, all you need to do is reach 1000 posts and your in. This gives you access to a private forum that is free from search engines. This also gives you access to our forum games for free. The games also have a scores database which is added to your usernames profile. You can play head to head in the scores with classics like Tetris, Pacman, and much more. We also have a thread with nice sexy women which some make great wallpapers. Well worth a look.

We also have a new banner on the forum, which is a lot more personal to our forum. You can also join our club on Facebook by clicking the link in the main forum.

By registering with us you can also take advantage of members discounts with Opie Oils and Regals Auto Bulbs, details are in the relevent section of the forum.

Final Thought

We welcome any Nissan enthusiasts to join us, if you have a DE engine and want to keep it that way we still welcome you, Although we are a VVL owners club you will get the same amount of support and welcome if your just a DE person, I mean the gaffer of the site still has a DE. So please come and join us.

Anyways, Have Fun, and we will see you next month for Novembers newsletter!!!

The NeoVVL Team