Welcome to this months news

Modifications and Stuff

GTIRWezz has decided that an SR22VE is the way to go, he has also been busy uprating the suspension. It seems that Wezz just never seems to want to stop doing magical stuff with his VE's. He is one of the best technical VE guys on the forum and is valued very much so. He is showing us that anything is possible with a VE. Here is some pictures of his suspension and wheel spacing mods...
may09 1

may09 2
For the full story, Click Here

Raceworx finally got his VE up and running, he has made an upgrade from the GA16 engine to the good ole VE engine. Swapping from a DE to a VE can be impressive enough, but deciding to take out a GA to a VE is something different and he appears to have pulled it off. Here is a few pics to show you...

Old GA:
may09 3
And the new VE:
may09 4

Unfortunatly Raceworx new found love took a bit of a bump....literally and did some damage, we hope he gets this sorted soon and get this bad boy back on the road. He has been getting help from the AOC and we all wish him the best of luck to get this finished. 

Details can be seen by Clicking Here

The Stig has certainly splashed the cash this month and done a lot to his Kuro Black Primera GT. He decided to give the car a new LUK Clutch and fitted a SR16VE Flywheel, KYB Gas Shock Absorbers, a Full Service, Replaced the Power Steering Pump and Drive Belts. The car is running a dream untill a little desaster struck! A litle gearbox oil leak...which turned out to be a Drive Shaft Oil Seal, this was cheap and car was back on the road within a day. He also decided to fix up that CV boot that was burst. Here is a pic of the new SR16VE Flywheel he purchased from 97VZR...
may09 5

And after a good clean the GT came up shiney and looking as good as ever...

may09 6

One of our new users jpsr20vet showed off his custom made Turbo which he put in his SR20VE powered Primera...
may09 7

Here is a nice good picture of this beast...
may09 8
His Thread can be viewed if you Click Here.

Another new member FEDeFAF from Spain also showed off his set of N1 cams...
may09 9
His Thread can be viewed if you Click Here.

Meetings & Events

The Stig and 97VZR decided to meet up, as Stiggy was purchasing his old SR16VE flywheel, this was a nice day out and here is a few pics of the GT and VZR side by and and with there mouths open...
may09 10

may09 11

Forum News

We have had quite a bit of activity lately on the forum, with new people joining and sharing there potential project. Thats what makes this club worth while.So the NeoVVL owners club thanks for all the contributions yous make. Sharing and Debating infomation makes this a community to be proud off.

If your new and just dropping by the forum, we urge you to register with us. Registration is Free, we are advertisment free so no silly pop ups, we welcome anyone to our community wether you are a VE owner, want to be a VE owner or even just own anything but feel you can gain or give information. You will see we are a friendly community where basically the rules of the forum is that you respect other users. We also offer a service where you can upload your pictures easily, or you can link from another site. There may look like limited content within the forum but we have a lot of information availible to you. All you need to do is register to get access to it. All you need is a Valid E-Mail address.

Final Thought

The summer is coming, this is when we all come out to play and tinker with our motors, we welcome users from all over the world and we even provide free space for uploading pictures if you need to. At the NeoVVL we love cars and we certainly love your pictures so feel free to show off your baby. Just to mention that the Admins other half "Wee Fee" has her 23rd birthday on the 6th of may so a happy birthday to her.

Anyways, Have Fun, and we will see you next month!!!

The NeoVVL Team