Written By: WeeFeeVZR

The Purchase

To begin with this car was found by pure chance. With currently owning an Almera GTi with an SR20VE engine there was a few things which was needed after its respray. Browsing through Gumtree I saw an ad for the Pulsar, to which I told my other half and he initially didn't believe me. Then he saw it and told me that it is a must have car for a few reasons, The Engine, The rarity of the car, and the fact it was an N1. 

We drove to where the car was as we really wanted it despite the poor condition the car was in. We had a good look around it and it was obvious she was in a really bad shape. The engine has severe engine knock, it did run but for any N1 enthusiast it would be enough to make anyone cringe. No way was she making it home so was time to get it on the back of a low loader recovery vehicle. 


First glimpse of the engine bay shows that SR16VE.N1 engine had seen better days.


The bodywork was kind of OK but again it was obvious it was in need of some badly needed TLC. There was some hidden issues where the car had obviously been in an accident both front and rear ended. There was rust in some places, mismatched wings (fenders), the paint had no shine, the car looked really done in and dull. 



I had took a short video of how the engine sounded like with that bearing failure.

As you can see there was a mountain to get this back to any glory. We done a few google searches, and turns out we found some pictures of the car when she was first imported. Certainly a contrast to what she used to look like to this point. So lets go back a few years before I owned the car.