Written By: WeeFeeVZR

Bodywork Restoration

We remember going up to the body shop every other day to check the progress of the car. Little by little the car started to look like a car again, especially after the welding and panels were replaced and essentially made rust free. 

Still a long way to go though. Panels did start to be prepped and refitted to the car. 





Slowly but surely paint started to appear in places and parts. Naturally she was to be kept the same colour KH3 Black. This was the exciting time as this is when you can not slowly see potential that the car would look like a car again. 



Paint was also added to the unique parts such as the Genuine N1 spoiler and the VZR Grille. 



Now I know when we seen those alloys, the red stripe would not cut it. Infact the wheels were in rough shape and needed a refurb. We opted for the metalic black but kept off the stripe and keep them plain. 


The follow up from this was exciting times, The car was sprayed and then needed buffed, Then it was time to put all the peices of the puzzle back together and make it look like a car again.