Written By: WeeFeeVZR

N1 Engine Build Preperation

During the body work restoration process I was planning on getting the engine rebuilt. The first thing we needed to do however was assess the damage to the original N1 engine. It was strip down time. Upon removing the head it looked like there was no damage sustained which was amazing news. I think prior to checking this we had already purchased another N1 head, but looks like were were in the unique position to possess 2 rare N1 heads. The cylinders also looked in good condition which was good news. We stripped further and found the source of the knocking. Turns out the rod bearing for cylinder 4 was completly missing. Now I can only assume it had previously failed and that thinking the engine is so rare they could not get parts they threw the engine back together. It did however mean that the rod and the crank was completly damaged as a result but the block itself was undamaged. This was amazing news for rebuilding. 

We had also purchased a freshly rebuild SR20VE engine from someone up north, Our intention was to never use this for on the road but rather it had a lot of parts we wanted to use. It had goodies such as H-Beam Rods, N1 Pistons, Lightened pulleys, came with an extra Greddy MSS, and being a VE I did have future plans for to make a daily out of the head. Anyways it was stripped for parts, I decided to use these N1 pistons in this engine as they were brand new. 


Ordering the remainder of the parts came thick and fast, We had used GSpec performance for our stuff, We had got all new rod bolts, ACL Race Bearings, new VE gasket set, replacement piston rings, an AEM wideband sensor, replacement clutch, replacement flywheel faceplate. Anything that was replaceable we replaced. We also ordered a brand new set of Deatchwerx 370cc injectors, new chain kit, and so much more. 




We had to get the pistons modified, as the N1 head has 1mm less on it, and was going to be an SR20VE.N1 some modifications were needed. First we had got the piston crown skimmed by 1mm, 1mm deeper valve reliefs, and notches for the oil squirters. They were also weighed and balanced. 


Final part was to send them off to Camcoat to have new coating put on them. They had thermal barrier coatings applied, anti-friction coatings applied, anti-knock coatings applied. All ready to go for the build. 


The block was sent off to be honed (deglazed), skimmed and cleaned, the head was skimmed, cleaned, valve seats cut, basically a rebuild. The other components were dynamically balanced, so the engine would be smoother than stock, I mean she was going to easily hammer 8500 RPM. 



All the parts were now in a box ready for the big rebuild. It was time to get cracking.