Written By: WeeFeeVZR

 The SR20VE.N1 Build

This was the exciting bit. This was my other half's first engine build. There was a lot of questions such as would it work? Can it be done? What will it be like? The work commenced and the first parts were added to the engine. Starting with my very first Almera GTi's crankshaft. Sorry about it being a little dirty still but least it kept its history, and besides its not a performance gain cause it is clean haha. 


Every part which was fitted, was checked and rechecked, oil squirters were replaced, new bearings fitted, Redline assembly lube was added. It took a few days to build with using the Primera GT engine build guide. Piston rings were gapped so so much was to be done. Slowly though it all came together and then looked like an engine. 




The nearly finished build, note we used that old pink valve cover only as a temporary option not to damage the other one. Slowly the intake was added, injectors added, new clutch and flywheel added, soon the engine was ready to me inserted. 


The other engine was then removed again from the car, we used an old set of injectors for the back of the N1 intake as we only planned on using 4 at this stage. Now remember that clutch issue which caused us a headache? The problem was apparent when we removed the gearbox from the engine. Somehow the thrust bearing had failed, and had started to grind and melt a hole on the clutch housing. Luckily we had a brand new clutch and all new parts to go in. Finally after some other cleaning up, the engine was then ready to go in. 



Now the first start up was an interesting one, and humerous one too. We had primed the engine before startup, trying to get the oil around the engine. Topped all all the fluids and attempted to get her to fire up. Turning the key and the engine was turning but she just refused to fire up. I got my other half to try, He jumped in, put full throttle down and again attempted to start. He noticed we still had no oil pressure. Anyways we tried a final time, and the engine made a couple of coughs, then the oil pressure increased and because he still had the foot to the floor, the engine fired into life and revved up the the limiter. I literally shit myself as the car fired up I was standing infront of it. I dived out the way but the engine was alive and she sounded amazing. 

A short video was done on the second startup. 

We did not waste any time, it was time to get it on the road and bed that engine in. I must admit first driving it I was less than impressed but my other half said the engine is bedding in and a lot of friction is happening. We had done some short miles then went back, changed the oil, the old oil came out like pee, it was worked so hard. We had done regular oil changes using Mineral Diesel oil until 1000 miles then we switched to Fully Synthetic. Her life was gentle untill then. By this point the engines performance had drastically improved, it felt like a new engine. 

Then it was time to open the taps on the throttle for the first time. Chris has the laptop connected to modify the map to keep the AFR's in check, but then I went for it. 8500 RPM and bloody hell was that engine quick and sounded nice. Thing is it was still restricted with the intake as had a shorter size than the N1 and using a DE MAF, These both were later upgraded and made a difference then too. 

Suffice to say the engine performed well. 


About 1500 miles since she was rebuild a few little power runs like this was in order.