Written By: WeeFeeVZR

 More Modifcations & Repairs

After the major rebuild, and restoration, things started to slow down on the car. There was some other stuff which was done such as replacement interior. The old VZR interior was shot, it was stinking, but we did get interior from another Pulsar GTi, We never went for the Almera GTi interior but we did go for something a little more funky. 


I also managed to get a rare VZR Momo Steering wheel for it. 


The steering started to get some issues, turned out the old rack developed a fault, so we got ourselves a reconditioned one. What a massive difference that had made, especially with a nice new set of track rod ends. 


The car had developed an overheating issue. The pain in the ass small pipe on the back of the engine had a pin hole split, this was a pig to change but never the less we changed it. The front radiator had also developed some weeping, so it was upgraded to an aluminium one. 


After this it was just really time to enjoy the car...while we could.