Written By: WeeFeeVZR

 The End of the Road

In 2016 turns out I became pregnant with my daughter to be. Chris has only recently purchased a stunning Primera for his own project, After a long hard think I had decided to break the car. Reasons are money, I would never get back the money I had spent on it hence I never sold it, second of all was practicality, It's not the kind of car to drive a baby about in and I did have a daily mind as this was just a toy. Thirdly I had been hardly driving it for a while due to work commitments. There was another few reasons, but the silver lining was the engine was to be slotted into the Primera as well as other little goodies. 

I had a lot of fun through the years building this car, but sadly all things do come to an end. I miss the car still to this day however I don't regret it as my daughter is more precious to me than some steel. Maybe one day I will try and source another one, and rebuild it, and perhaps even do it with my daughter as she grows up. 

I have had a few cars in the past but this was by far the most fun car I ever owned. 

The following pictures was a sore sight to see. 




This video of the VZR on the way to the crusher might make your cringe. 

As I said the engine lives on, it's in the Primera, and see the details of that project for how things have progressed. See the next page for the modifications list it had and special thanks.