Written By: WeeFeeVZR

The Strip Down

So this was the time to get it put into the garage and do a stripdown and make the car drivable and safe. We had an SR20VE engine sitting ready to go in as an initial replacement as we are still unsure the damage that was done to the engine. I was curious to have a look under the rocker cover and surprisingly she looks pretty clean. 


Anyway it is time for the stripdown so time to get the front end removed and among other stuff. 


The next was the horror of shoddy workmanship on the brakes. The pads were obviously the wrong ones and the brake disk was wrong also as they were too bloody thin. This was scary as I had done some driving with it and had not long got an MOT which was ironic. 



I almost laughed when I saw that, how someone could have done that and thought what a great job is beyond me. It was obvious that recently the car looked like it was just ragged and that it was just poorly maintained. Anyways was time to get that engine out. 


Next was time for the big cleanup of the bay.