Written By: WeeFeeVZR

SR20VE Engine Install

As this car had came with a great little addition, a Short Ratio VZR Gearbox with a rare Nismo LSD naturally it would be silly not to mate this back into the new engine. After the engine preperation work was done, then some of the real work was to begin. 

When we got the car it came with the stock SR16VE.N1 ECU, but we had a problem. From what I believe the ECU would not switch the cams to higher profile, which meant that we could not use the cams to which these engines are designed for. Not only that the SR20VE only came with 4 injectors but the N1 ECU was designed for 8. Luckily the solution was in the donor Almera GTi I was breaking. I opted to use the 1N410 Almera GTi ECU. Naturally this was only designed for the SR20DE but I had then decided to send it to Nistune to get them to remove the NATS and also fit a daughterboard onto it. While I was waiting for this to come back it was then time to get the engine installation finished. Finally the engine was slotted back into place. 

engineinstallpt1 1

The good new at this point the ECU had then arrived back from Australia from the guys at Nistune, I used the Almera GTi wiring loom but had to do some minor modifications to mate with the internal wiring of the VZR. 

Suffice to say the engine fired up with no issues, which meant that the car was now powering on her own wheels again. Don't worry, I had replaced those brakes with better ones.

engineinstallpt1 3

I still had some work to do to get the car ready for the real world but at least mechanically the car was pretty much sound.

engineinstallpt1 2

The next stage of the job was to fit the Greddy MSS to manage the cam switching. This was a few hours work. We knew the car needed to get a remap as we would damage the engine otherwise. The old Almera ran on an H-Dev chip which meant that the ECU was not as easy to remap as the Nistune. So I was unable to copy the map. I had then opted to use ProTuner for my mapping this time with the Nistune setup. I called and earliest was 3 weeks. That worked out great as there was more work to be done. So the next stage was to get her ready for the road and the long trip down south to get her mapped.