Written By: WeeFeeVZR

Getting Ready for Remap

Since the car was getting a remap, it made sense to upgrade the cams from the old N1 engine into the SR20VE. The cams were in great condition and were undamaged. This made the perfect upgrade. This was the first job done on the list. 

I then got some new goodies for the car also. I ordered a new Rotor Arm and Distributor cap, a nice set of NGK Grade 7 Platinum plugs too.

One of the next laughs we got was the wheel studs. Somehow they were threaded and all needed to be replaced. Again another quick easy job. gettingready1

Naturally when I done the engine I also fitted the BC Coilovers and as you can see in the next pic along side a nice picture of a dodgy wheel stud. 


Another few upgrades were in the pipeline. I had ordered an HRC Performance 255LPH fuel pump, that got fitted. Gave the engine a nice new service and fully synthetic oil. Besides it was going to be time soon to get her on the dyno.

Anyways at this point we had done a few little short road tests, all was positive, and engine ran like a dream, There was minor teething issues but it was to be expected. We took the car to CAS in Shotts which he then refitted our custom 2.5" Catback exhaust ready for dyno time. 

Another few little jobs such as fix the drivers seat rails, fitted a CD player, and other general maintenence was also done. 

Then 2 days before remap a wheel bearing decided to whine. Thankfully I knew the guy at my local garage and he quickly replaced this and we were ready to roll.It was Remap time!