Written By: WeeFeeVZR

 Remap Time

We left early in the morning, drove all the way down to Coventry from outside Edinburgh where we were based. Arrived around 9-10AM ish, I had then changed the spark plugs so they were nice shiney and new for the remap. Greg the Tuning guy got her on the dyno, got a lot of pre-checks done, checked compression, smoke tested the intake for leaks. The car got the all clear. 

Greg took the time to map the idle before the engine was finally getting mapped under load. Slowly but surely the RPM was increased to a point the RPM was so high constant the noise was magical. You could almost smell the power and certainly felt it. 

Then disaster struck! The engine went completly dead and the engine refused to start. Greg jumped out with no panic, a few little diagnoses and turned out the engine stopped getting fuel. He then spent 10 minutes and fitted a direct feed from the battery to the fuel pump, Then the engine fired back into life again and then completed the map then one final run was done! 

A short video of the Dyno is in order I think?

The results were: Figures are 199.1BHP, 161 FtLb of Torque, 165.5 whp. Bear in mind the car still had the Catalic converter still on. 

The map was agreed 5600 Intake 5800 Exhaust was the cam switch points. 


The car was pulled off the Dyno, Turns out another minor fault developed as the car had somehow stripped and twisted a CV Joint. So that was on the list for replacement when it got home. 

Greg also provided me with the direct feed dubbed "The Get out of Shit Kit" because of the fuel issue. When plugged back into the internal electrics the issues seemed to have gone away. 

The drive home was lots of fun. Hammered it onto the motorway, what a complete contrast from the drive down. Suffice to say the hills were alive with the sound of horsepower.

We got home I replaced the CV Joint and the next activity was Crail Raceway but not before a wee power run.