Written By: WeeFeeVZR

 Crail Raceway Drag Strip

The time had come to have a little bit of fun with the car. A nice drive up to the drag, and had a little fun, but to be honest we were not happy. The car just did not want to perform as we wanted to for a few reasons. 

Despire the LSD we had no grip, the car just somehow just would not take off at all. The best time we managed was 14.59 on the 1/4 mile but I felt we had done better in our less powerful Almera GTi. 

We did start with a full tank of fuel but obviously we drank it, we had tried changing driving styles, short shifting but nothing seemed to work. It was apparent something was not right with the clutch. We had a Black Diamond clutch installed at this point. but when getting in and out of gears and going through the gears there was lots of crunching. I was starting to miss-shift and the problem just kept getting worse. 

Don't get us wrong the car was lots of fun and it was a busy day at Crail. To be honest out of 55 N/A cars that ran we classed 6th, I just know that the car had more to give. 

We then drove back home, via a friend to take him out for a blast as he also helped with the mechanicals of the car. He even agreed that the clutch was pretty bad. I had replaced the Clutch Master and Slave cylinders on the car during bodywork but more on this later. 

Anyways a scan of the times done that day. 


After this winter was fast aproaching, so we thought this was a good time to put her to bed for the winter, however Body Work Time!