Written By: WeeFeeVZR

 Bodywork Preperation

Now was the time to get extreme and get this car looking brand new again. This was one of the last pictures taken before the stripdown was to commence to restore the body. 


As the sills, arches, pretty much everything was to be done, the first part was to completely strip the interior out. We had removed all seats and interior from the car ready to be driven to the body shop. Our mate was the guy who was going to be doing the work, and this was going to be a 9 month journey as he was doing it between jobs so we did get a cheaper deal. 

We had opted to use the Almera GTi Phase 2 body kit, as it just looked a little modern. We also ordered a lot of new parts such as replacement bonnet, replacement wings (fenders) and new JDM bulge indications, replacement sills, replacement tailgate and we used the Almera GT's doors as they were in better condition. We found a replacement set of Team Dynamics 17" wheels also. 





Then was time to attack the old rotten bits with the grinder and remove the panels and doors ready for lots of welding to be done. Ironic that the car became a sad looking shell for a time, but we knew the outcome would be much better. 



I think at this point to be perfectly honest it was hard to ever see this car look like a car again, She really looked in rough shape.