Written By: TheStigP11GT


This article works well on many Nissan's. When wiring up your Greddy MSS I recommend you solder the wires together than just tape. I also recommend covering the soldered parts with heat shrink.

Here is a list of Wiring Connections on the Greddy MSS

Black - Ground - Recommend fitting a Ring Crimp and bolting to your Chassis.
Red - Ignition - Can be connected with the Ignition Wire of your CD Player or other Ignition Power Source
Orange - Constant 12 Volt Power - A direct feed to the battery is recommended. You may need to purchase additional wiring. As this is connected directly to the battery I recommend adding a Fuse Block with a 10 Amp Fuse.
Yellow - Intake Ground - To the Ground Wire on the Intake Cam Solenoid. This is usually a Brown Plug.
Green - Exhaust Ground - To the Exhaust Ground on the Solenoid.
Blue - Speed Sensor - This is an optional wire. This needs to be spliced into the Purple/RedStripe Wire on the wiring loom. I recommend soldering this and connecting the wires away from the ECU plug IE further up the loom.
Brown - Tachometer - As above, but using the Blue/OrangeStripe wire on the Wiring Loom.

On the Solenoids there should be a constant 12V Feed. If you have a brand new unit you should recieve a Fuse Block. I would take 2 direct feeds from the Battery to the Fuse Block and Fuse Block to the Solenoids. This is a recommendation for safety.