Here is how I think about it. The MSS has 2 major setup areas: The first area is for programming what parameters the MSS will consider when activating the cams, and the second area is for setting specific activation points for those parameters. You hold down the Mode button to move between these 2 major setup areas.

Setup area 1:–

Your objective is to set 5 parameters in this setup area as listed below:

Pr- (dash on top)
C4- (dash on top)
P2- (dash on top)
ON when tiny 1 is dark
ON when tiny 2 is dark

Here is how to do it:-

Hold done the mode button until you get some letters on the screen like BoPr or S1. Once you are here, turn the rotary dial until you get the display to say Pr (I think it will be flashing). At this point, push in the rotary dial to set this parameter at Pr. Once you do this, the Pr will stop flashing and the "-" will start flashing. Again, turn the rotary dial until the "-" is in the top position, and depress the rotary dial to choose this setting.

Now, press the mode button once to move on to the next parameter and turn the rotary dial to look for C4. Push the rotary dial to set it at C4, and then also set the "-" at the top position.

Push the mode button once to move to the 3rd parameter and set it at P2- (top).

Now push the mode button one more time. The tiny little 1 in the top left area of the display should be darkened. Turn the rotary dial until the display says ON and push the rotary button to set this parameter.

Push the mode button again and the tiny little 2 will darken. Turn the rotary button until the display says ON and push the rotary button to set this parameter.

Now you are done with this area. You have basically told the MSS which values to look at when deciding whether to trigger the cams.

Second setup area:-

In this set up area, we establish values that the MSS will use to trigger the cams. Everything will already be set to zero as we move from the first setup area – and we only need to set RPMs to get the cams working. You are on your own if you want to use speed, TPS, etc. If you go back and change or reset anything in the first set up area, the RPM values that you set in this setup area will likely need to be reset.

Hold down the mode button until some of the tiny letters in the right side of the display darken (RPMkm/hx1000Pa, etc.) Use the Select button to move from one parameter to the next until the RPM is darkened. Now you are reading RPM on the display and the reading will be 0unless the car is running. Note that if you start the car at this point, the high cams will be activated (since RPM will be greater than zero) and the car will idle like crap.

After getting to the RPM reading, push the Mode button and the little tiny 1 and ON letters in the top left of the display should darken. Now turn the rotary dial to set the RPM at which you want the first solenoid to turn on. Remember, the RPM reading is one tenth of actual (i.e., 4500 RPM will read 450 on the MSS.) Set the ON RPM by pushing the rotary dial and now the tiny OFF will darken. Turn the dial to read 100 RPMs less than the ON RPM (or whatever value you want) and push the rotary dial to set it.

Now the tiny little 2 and ON will darken. Follow the same procedure (turn and push the rotary dial) to set ON and OFF RPMs for the second solenoid. After you do this, the screen will turn red and you can set an RPM where you want to have a little beep and the screen turn red as you approach red line.

Now you can use the Mode button to cycle through these settings. Checking ON points for each cam, and the “alarm” trigger.

You do not need to set any of the other parameters.

Now take a drive and see if it all works. Note that the tiny little 1 and 2 on the top left part of the screen will darken as the cams are activated. This is one way to check on the programming of the MSS if you cannot detect the sound of the cams switching.