Fit a SRxxVE Head to a SR20DE Block

Before I we begin, we recommend you use SR20VE cams only due to the SR20DE pistons not having valve reliefs. This warning only applies to using an unmodified SR20DE block. If you plan to rebuild your SR20DE block, we recommend using pistons with valve reliefs if you plan on having more aggressive camshaft. We accept no responsibility if this goes wrong. The article is for a guide only. 

What do you need:
• SR20VE or SR16VE Head (Do not use an N1 head on a stock SR20DE block unless you are upgrading the pistons).
• SR20DE block (it's recommend rebuilding and using at least SR20VE pistons).
• New cylinder head bolts
• -4 Stainless Line, 2x 1/8 to -4 Fittings, Plug for Hole in Head (G-Spec Perfomance sells these kits)
• New SRxxVE gasket set (a DE head gasket will do but the set will be needed if your changing other gaskets)

We recommend that you have a light skim done on the head and block so when the gaskets are fitted you will have the best chance of this working.

We assume you have the VE head and the DE block and the DE head has been removed from the block. At this point we also recommend you fit a VE oil pump and VE water pump, as the DE ones are less rated, again all kits are available at

You now need to create an oil feed from the DE block to the VE head. You can tap this from the oil filter housing or fit an oil distribution block.


The next stage is to modify the head to take in the oil for the VVL Solenoids. we recommend you have a machine shop do the work rather than use a hand drill incase you much it up unless you feel you are confident enough to do so. If you are sending your head in to be skimmed you could have this done at the same time.

On the back of the head you need to have a whole drilled about 7mm above the surface of the head. The size of the drill needs to be 11/32 in size for the tap. Double check this though. Once the whole is drilled we recommend you blow lots of air through the hole to clear all metal filings. Make sure this is perfectly clean as this can be desasterous if this is not done correctly.


You then need to fit the 1/6 NPT connector onto the head. We recommend using some teflon tape for extra security when the connector goes in. You now need to plug off the oil hole on the surface of the head. If you have purchased the kit from GSpec then this will be included. This should also be around 1/8NPT too. Make sure this does not poke out of the surface of the head and that is is fully in. Below is a picture of how this should look.


Now it is time to fit the Head to the block. Fit the new gasket and mate the head to the block. We recommend you refer to a Factory Service Manual on how to do this. How to do this on a DE factory service manual will be suffice.

Once the engine has been built it is time to now connect up the oil feed lines from the engine block to the head. Below is how this should look.


There is a lot more invloved on doing this but I hope this gives you the basic idea on what is to be done. If you are a confident enough with building engines this should not be any issue. If you have any questions please post it in the forums.

Please Note: This article has been created using pictures and information about the internet. Any pictures used are the rights of those who created them. I have rewrote the post to update the article on recent experience and information gathered. This article won't take you through how to build the whole engine but will give you basic information on putting a VE head on to a DE block.