Power: 173 BHP (129 kW)
Displacement: 1597cc (1.6L)
Valve Train: DOHC 16V Variable Valve Lift + Timing
Found In: Nissan Pulsar, Nissan Lucino
Production: 1998-2001
Rev Limit: 7600 RPM
Cam Switch Points: Varied

The is a popular engine wish is found in the Nissan Pulsar and Nissan Lucino. boasts a nice peak power output for a 1.6 liter engine, The engine is physically the same as the SR20VE but has a shorter stroke crankshaft, more aggressive cams but has the same intake manifold as the SR20VE. The engine has 333cc Injectors and deeper notched pistons which allows the engine to safely rev higher than the stock SR20VE engine. The camshafts from this engine are considered an upgrade for the SR20VE.