Power: 204 BHP (152 kW), 152 lb-ft (206 Nm)
Displacement: 1998 cc (2.0L)
Valve Train: DOHC 16V Variable Valve Lift + Timing
Found In: Nissan Primera P12
Production: 2001-2008
Rev Limit: Unknown
Cam Switch: Varied

The second variation of the SR20VE engine which was found in the Nissan Primera 20V. Although the engine is listed as an SR20VE 20V, 20V stands for the trim level of the Primera this engine was found in and not that it has 20 Valves as some think it is. This was the more powerful of the VE N/A engines which had a larger intake manifold which has longer runners and a 70mm Throttle Body as well as a more up rated low camshaft profile and came with a 6 Speed Manual Gearbox. This was the only version of the VE engine to have an new redesigned Valve Cover but the engine was still part of the SR series. The engine was found mostly on the Japanese market and is the least popular of the Normally Aspirated VE engines.