Power: 197 BHP (147 kW)
Displacement: 1597
Valve Train: DOHC 16V Variable Valve Lift + Timing
Found In: Autech Pulsar VZR N1
Production: 1997-1998
Rev Limit: 7800 RPM
Cam Switch: Varied

The N1 engine was a Limited Production model boasting a mighty power for such a low displacement engine which boasts 123.1 BHP per liter until Honda released there F20C engine. Nissan only produced around 500 of these vehicles. It was found only in the JDM Autech Pulsar VZR which was a racing homologation which was to complete with Honda Civic Type-R. The engine had a factory port and polished head, has 1mm skimmed of the head, and had 8x 333cc Injectors. The camshafts are more aggressive and hold the power band higher, and are the best stock upgrade for the SR20VE. The engine was only produced in Japan.