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SR16VE exhaust Downpipe

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SR16VE exhaust Downpipe


Post by J29237 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:35 pm

Hi All
Wondering if anyone could help, I have a SR16VE Pulsar VZR with a corroded/rusted exhaust downpipe that I need to replace. I also own a P11 GT with an SR20DE engine and that exhaust downpipe needs changing too.
My dilemma is the SR20DE P11 exhaust downpipe I can get for around £30 which is cheap and cheerful replacement... but the SR16VE standard exhaust downpipe is wait for it.... £250..not including delivery! :(
My question is can the £30 SR20DE P11 downpipe work for the SR16VE as a cheap replacement? if not I might as well go for SSAC for around £200 but money is tight at the moment and if my proposal works I can get it for the P11 and use it for the VZR for a while until I have gained enough monies to buy a SSAC one.
I have had a look at amayama.com and partsouq.com for pics of both downpipes and they look similar, but the SR16VE one has a slight bend by the flexi.. so that's why I am asking I guess
Thanks in advance

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Re: SR16VE exhaust Downpipe


Post by TheStigP11GT » Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:30 pm

In theory yes, you can get ssac copies for 110 or so, you might need to slightly modify the bolt holes but it does work
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