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SR20 upgrade to Y-10/N14 Chassis

Discussion forum of the Nissan Ecology Orientated Variable Valve Lift and Timing engine. Discussion on all variants of VE engines including the VET and 20V models. Please also use this forum for all SRxxDE(T) specific questions.
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Thai NV VZ-R
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SR20 upgrade to Y-10/N14 Chassis


Post by Thai NV VZ-R » Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:50 am

Hi, I have an '02 Thailand Nissan NV pickup. It came with a GA16DE, which is now old and tired. I found a very nice SR20VE 20V engine that a man here bought from Japan by mistake. (He has RWD)

I am looking for tips from anyone who has done an SR20 conversion, especially in an N14. (The Y10 is the same, but is extended a bit at the rear.) With both engines sitting side by side, the lower end looks early the same and mounting points as well. I don't see any big issues with mounting yet, except exhaust modifications.

Any advice? I am looking at beefing up my tranny where I can to take the extra 100hp, or can look for something stronger. Not sure what that would be, as Thai vehicles often have different packages than US...mostly the same, however, as Japan. I am also looking at a Japan only Wingroad 5 speed, though I have no comparison to my own...no book, no numbers.

Any help appreciated!

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Re: SR20 upgrade to Y-10/N14 Chassis


Post by TheStigP11GT » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:55 am

The GA and SR engines are different obviously, however you should be able to source the parts from an SR20DE model as most parts should essentially be able to go on the VE.

Gearbox wise I am unsure wether the GA gearbox will fit,

Also I recommend using a 20VE harness or a 20DE one and modify it to fit.
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Re: SR20 upgrade to Y-10/N14 Chassis


Post by sss4me » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:39 pm

with an n14 its a direct fit with the sr20 2.0 ltr mounts, and you need a rs5f32a or rs5f32v gear box and cv's, flywheel, and clutch. the ga16 one will not fit it. wiring is a bit complicated, depending on your ecu

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