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Nissan 1.2 DiG-T

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Nissan 1.2 DiG-T


Post by TheStigP11GT » Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:11 am

Right, so we currently have out new Pulsar in at the garage, the performance has been pretty poor in it lately, We took it in and advised it has chain rattle, as it had no oil in it, It had a Nissan service in January and only done 4000 miles since then, not to mention it was topped up after oil was pretty low at the end of March, so in my mind it is burning a shit load of oil.

So I worked out around 5 Litres of oil since January. For an engine which has just turned around 22k miles, would you say this was normal? or should I be upping the Voltage with the technicians at Nissan.

Seems there has been a lot of issues with the 1.2 DiG-T models doing the same and in some cases engine failure is catastrophic

I am asking as I am unsure about new engines, but I know my Primera engine does not even burn even near the same amount, infact it used 1 lite in 6000 miles on the ole sr20.
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Re: Nissan 1.2 DiG-T


Post by WeeFeeVZR » Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:31 am

No making a difference now as it is getting traded in
If its no Jap its crap !

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