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Primera P11: 1998 SR20VE 20V

Upload images and discuss the status of your projects past and present. Add to your blog the status of what your currently doing and what is new with your car as well as what is you plans.
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Please start your topic with your cars chassis and model followed by your project name. For example: "N15 Nissan Almera: My SR20VE Swap". All old projects will be converted so make sure you look for the changes.
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Re: Primera P11 1998 SR20VE 20V


Post by Iv4r » Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:44 am

What if you use the inner joint from the B15 VZ-R and outer joint from your P11, and make a custom axel that fits both those joints? I don't know about Russia, but I found a company here in Norway that makes custom axles.

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Primera P11: 1998 SR20VE 20V


Post by Dahaka » Sun Sep 11, 2016 11:39 pm


Recently i bought a P12 from japan and imported to my country, Chile. Now we started the swap also including the six speed gearbox.
How do you do with the wire for the COP's and CAS, you keep the P11 harness and rewire for the COP's?.

Best regards.

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